Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Related Questions

Q. I am very interested in the Food Business Refresh Program. How do I apply?

A. The Program is now fully subscribed. However we encourage you to register on the waitlist in case spaces become available. 
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Q. Are seafood companies eligible?

A. Yes, we are happy to confirm that seafood and seaweed processors are eligible for the Food Business Refresh Program!


Q. Are pet food processing companies eligible?

A. Yes

Q. My company is a start-up, am I eligible?

A. Sorry, start-ups are not eligible for the Food Business Refresh program. Companies must have been in business in 2019 and have gross annual sales between $30,000 and $750,000.

Participation Related Questions


Q. I am a registered Food Business Refresh participant but I don't know how to get into the Learning Platform to complete my assignments. 
A. All this technology can get complicated! Click on this link for step-by-step instructions: How to Access the Refresh Learning Platform V1.pdf

Q.  Who do I contact if I have questions about the Food Business Refresh program?

A. Your first stop should be the Program Guide. Here you will find all the details regarding the Food Business Refresh Program.
If you have more questions during the launch phase of the Program, we are asking people to send enquiries to the general mailbox, This inbox will be monitored by the Refresh Team. Once you have started the program you will have access to the Refresh Learning Platform where specific names and contact information will be available to you.


Q. How many people from my company can participate?

A. While as many people as you like can watch the virtual Phase I sessions we are limiting the number of people that can interact with facilitators and coaches to two participants per company. We are limiting the number of people who interact with coaches to maximize the benefit to participants.  


Q. What happens if I miss a session?

A.  Bummer. You will be able to watch recorded presentations, however you will miss the discussion and group dialogue that take place during the live virtual workshop. Fortunately, you will be able to access your homework assignments and will have access to your business coach. We encourage people to attend the live sessions, but life happens. If you know in advance that you will miss a session let the facilitator or your coach know.

Q. How much time will the Food Business Refresh program take?

A. Great question! Because the Refresh program is customized to suit individual needs it is challenging to put an exact figure on how many hours each participant will spend on creating and implementing their plan. We estimate that Phase 1, the 3 week online workshop series, will take about 10 hours/week. Time required for Phase 2 and 3 will depend on your needs and objectives. 


Q. What do I need in terms of Technology? Can I do the whole Food Business Refresh program with my cell phone?

A. While the Refresh program is mobile friendly we do suggest that you use a PC or Laptop for Phase 1, the online workshop series. You will need a stable Internet connection, and a webcam to participate in the online workshops and a word processing program (we recommend Microsoft Word) to complete your assignments.


Q. What if the coach isn’t working for me?

A. The Refresh Team will match you with a Business Coach and Experts based on your needs and objectives. If you have concerns, contact us at


Q. What if I don’t like the cohort group?

A. The Refresh Team will place you in a cohort of peers based on common needs and objectives. If you have concerns, contact us at


Q. How do I schedule one-on-one meetings with my coach?

A. The Refresh program will make a scheduling tool available to you so that you can see when your coach is available and you can book meetings with her or him.


Q. What if I’m not ready for Phase 3?

A. Hmmm, interesting question. We’ll have to get after your business coach! All kidding aside, Phase 1 and 2 are totally geared towards getting you ready for Phase 3. You’ll be ready!


Confidentiality Related Questions


Q. Are the online workshop sessions recorded?

A. No and Yes. Participants are expected to attend the live sessions in order to get the full benefit of the program. As we have committed to protecting participants’ confidential information that may be disclosed during the sessions, they are not being recorded. HOWEVER, some of the Speaker’s presentations may be recorded.


Q. I don’t want to be in the same cohort as a competitor. How will you ensure that that does not happen?

A.  The Refresh Team will review applications and company descriptions to ensure that you won’t be in the same cohort as a competitor. If you have concerns after you have started the program, please contact us at

Funding Related Questions

Q. Why are the timelines set as they are?

A. The program timelines are set by COVID-19 funding parameters. These have specific performance and reporting timelines that programs need to meet.


Q. What’s the catch? Will I have to provide a report or something at the end of the program?

A. Absolutely! You will have to report on how funds were spent and how the Food Business Refresh program contributed to your company’s objectives.