Food Business Refresh

Presented by SSFPA

The Small Scale Food Processor Association developed this program to help rejuvenate micro to small scale food processors who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a unique opportunity as you will receive guided, hands-on support, tailored to your company's situation and your objectives.

How Refresh Can Help

  • Analyze and assess options to pivot your business

  • Develop an implementation plan so your business can take advantage of new opportunities

  • PLUS access funding options and support to implement your plan so that you can be successful for the long-term

A Message

From Pamela Baxter, President of the Small Scale Food Processor Association

SSFPA is excited to offer assistance to food processors whose businesses have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a rare opportunity to receive customized one-on-one expert help to pivot your business to new market channels. We have developed an innovative program that is truly tailored to small and medium enterprises. Together, your business can be refreshed and the food sector in B.C. can be made stronger. 

Program Guide

Want to know more? Take a look at our Program Guide.

Why Refresh?

Why Now?

This year has brought unprecedented upheaval, including threats to the food supply-chain that will continue into the foreseeable future. The Refresh program is designed to position your business for future success and contribute to a stronger, more resilient, domestic food supply. Refresh is a unique-to-you funded program designed to specifically meet your business needs. The Refresh Team is a collaboration of Food Industry Experts who are dedicated to helping food businesses like yours survive and thrive.


Facilitator, Managing Director

Greg McLaren

Greg has decades of proven industry experience in business development, strategic planning, and marketing. With a background in big business and a social purpose to develop local food economies, Greg has one foot in a dress shoe, one in a gumboot. Although ultra confident in both worlds, his passion lies with small food and farm companies. Greg excels at and loves the collaboration process, using the first-hand experience of our client’s vision, products, and operation to form their strategy for market growth and sustainability. This two way, sharing and learning process is what fuels his ongoing journey to grow BC’s local food economy.

Program Manager

Debra Hellbach

Debra has 35 years’ experience in all facets of the food industry and in that time has worked for private industry, federal and provincial governments and as a private consultant. In these roles she has developed relationships with, and provided assistance to, thousands of food industry representatives. Debra excels at the development and delivery of agri-business planning training materials and resources. Having experience in virtually every aspect of agrifood and seafood production, as well as small business experience, she has considerable insight into entrepreneurs’ pain points. These insights are invaluable in the development and delivery of relevant training and resource materials.

Business Strategist & Coach, Kootenay Region

David Basu Roy

Dave has spent the last decade strengthening the local food system, exploring food sustainability as a student, activist, teacher, entrepreneur, chef, and farmer. Now he channels those skills while working on Farm Food Drink business planning projects, where he helps clients develop strategies to navigate difficult markets, expand to reach a sustainable scale, develop new products and/or processes, and refine their production economics.

What are people saying?

  • Heather O'Hara, Executive Director, BC Association of Farmers' Markets

    “Thousands of food entrepreneurs rely on BC farmers' markets to launch and grow their business. This practical, hands-on, customized and most importantly, implementation focused program, will truly refresh micro and small food business and help to make the food sector stronger across the province."

  • Doug Smith, General Manager & Co-owner, Natural Pastures Cheese Company

    "In the early days of COVID-19, we attended webinars with suggestions in responding to the market disruption. The information was good, but too generalized. I don't think we were alone in feeling overwhelmed with the information and situation. With a strong focus on implementation, Food Business Refresh is what is needed for small food businesses to succeed."